Karin Sarayashiki

Karin Sarayashiki
Original Name
更屋敷 カリン
Romaji Name
Sarayashiki Karin
Appears In
The Ones Within
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
July 26th
157.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 10137
Like # 8974
Trash # 21948

Karin Sarayashiki is a beautiful and popular horror-game streamer hailed as the #1 Female Game Streamer People Want to be Stepped on by online, known as "the Cursed Princess". Despite coming across as initially aggressive and confrontational, she is actually easily scared despite being an avid player of horror games and can be sensitive and caring to her friends. She becomes Yuzu's best female friend. Karin is fair-skinned and has a slim figure. She the tallest among all the girls in the 13th district. She has light pink-colored short hair that is styled in a simple crown braid, and grey, stoic eyes. At first, Karin refused to trust people because she was protective of herself. Her natural attitude toward most people was indifferent, and she only let her guard down with people she was comfortable with. She often jumped to conclusions based on the situation, and she was also short-tempered, which led to frequent arguments with Saaya. She would most likely conclude that the worst probable explanation caused an incident and always test the incident carefully. Although she specializes in horror games, she admits that it is difficult to enjoy horror when it is happening to her in actual life. During some of her live streams, she gives off a "crazy" or "going off the deep end" vibe, also affecting her reputation with the nickname, "The Bluffing Cursed Princess".

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