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Karol Capel
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Karol Capel
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Karol Capel (カロル・カペル Karoru Kaperu) is a young boy who wields a giant hammer and various other large weapons. Having grown up in Dahngrest, the home to many of the world's guilds, Karol knows a lot about the functioning and culture of guilds. Despite the fact that he acts with a lot of bravado, Karol lacks self-confidence, which leaves him rather cowardly in terms of actions. Due to this cowardice, Karol is repeatedly mocked in Dahngrest for joining and being kicked out of many different guilds. Karol meets Yuri Lowell, Estelle, and Repede at the end of Quoi Woods, where he mistakes the party for a monster and attacks. His fear causes him to swing uselessly around, allowing Yuri to stop his wild spin as well as breaking his weapon, which essentially creates the Karolian Hammer he begins the game with. Claiming to be a member of the Hunting Blades guild, he joins the party. He is the first to propose a solution to heal Halure's tree using a Panacea Bottle to counteract the monster blood poisoning it. Throughout the event, Karol talks about a girl who he wanted to show Halure's blossoms to. This girl is Nan, a member of the Hunting Blades, whom the party meets at Caer Bocram. In practice, Karol is one of the comic relief characters when the brave front he puts up clashes with his cowardly actions. He is also frequently abused by Rita for various comments, and he has a habit of attempting to name things with overly long and childish names. Due to his youth, however, he finds himself fleeing more than not and is unable to take some of the harsher truths in the world, but he learns over the course of the game to have confidence in himself and his guild, though he retains his childlike exuberance.

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