Amane Kasai

Amane Kasai
Original Name
菓彩 あまね
Romaji Name
Kasai Amane
Place of Origin
Oishiina Town
Date of Birth
November 24th
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Kasai Amane is one of the main four Cures from Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure. She is a third-year student at Shinsen Middle School and is also the student council president until episode 37. Her family owns a fruits and cafe parlor called Fruit Parlor KASAI. Amane appeared in the season as Gentlu, a phantom thief from Bundoru Gang up until episode 12. She transforms into Cure Finale using the Heart Fruits Pendant. Amane has long wavy dark purple hair, and wears a yellow headband with a diamond pattern. Her eyes are blue, but while being with the Bundoru Gang, they were dark red. She wears a buttoned white blouse with a purple bow on the collar and a long purple skirt that has straps, a yellow trim at the bottom, and a pale purple layer beneath it. She also wears dark magenta Mary-Janes with white socks. In the summer, she wears a white blouse with a ruffled collar and sleeves that reach her elbows along with a calf-length purple checkered pencil skirt with matching suspenders. In the winter, she wears a purple sweater over a white top with a frilly collar along with a long dark gray checkered skirt. She also wears black Mary-Janes with white frilly socks. In the movie, Amane wears a purple jacket over a white shirt with a frilly collar. Her black skirt reaches pass her knees and has a sheer layer. She wears black shoes with white socks. As a child, her hair was slightly shorter and she wore a yellow headband. Her dress was purple with a dark purple belt around her waist that covered a white long sleeved blouse. She also wore a red bow beneath her collar. As Gentlu, she has silver hair with straightened bangs styled in pigtails held by black hair ties. She wears a purple top with a grey skirt underneath a black vest with a white trim, and two white bone-like buttons. Her tights and opera-length gloves are black, while her cape is black with a red undertone, and she has silver spikes on her shoulders. Her boots are black with grey accents, and silver spikes on top of her feet. She also wears a blue mask, and a black hat with a purple ribbon tied around it like a bow. The Bundoru Gang's logo appears on her hat and vest. As Cure Finale, her hair turns blonde and is styled into a loose ponytail held by a white ruffle band with red, purple, and green konpeitos decorating it. She wears a purple tiara-like headband with a heart and small crown in the center and her earrings are magenta spheres. Her eyes turn bright blue. Her choker is white and scalloped. Her dress has a white bodice and pale yellow insert with a collar that has golden lining. Golden crisscrossed lines appear in the front along with magenta trim on top with a pale purple heart brooch. The sleeves are light purple and puffy on top with open shoulders along with gold bands while the bottom is white and fitted with an extension across the middle part of her hand that ends with a gold ring around her middle finger. She wears a thick gold belt with a pale pink and purple apron with a pair of pink and mint green bows on each side. Her skirt is white on top with three yellow triangles in the middle while the bottom part is magenta with light pink droplet-shaped designs that gets longer in the back. At the bottom is a mint green layer with white cloth lining it being held by five purple spheres on each side. In the back is a large white bow. She wears orange and pale yellow pumps with a red sphere in the middle and ankle straps. In her Party Up Style, her hair grows longer and her tiara is replaced with a long veil as well as two turquoise ribbons with blue, purple, pink, and yellow flowers. Konpeitos on her hair becomes colorful and a little addition of some pearls. Her sleeves become shorter and turn transparent with two amethyst pearls on each side. Her Heart Fruits Pendant now rests at the center of a large white flower and purple ruffles hang from it. Her apron becomes larger with pink and purple accents and four flowers at the bottom that match the ones in her hair. The skirt becomes wider with a white ruffly layer on top and the colors on the center part of it become inverted. There is also an additional orange layer while the spheres turn magenta. The bottom part is also more ruffled at the end. Her heels turn white with golden toetips and white anklets. She wears white elbow-length gloves with a pale pink heart at the back of the hand along with a gold band and light purple ruffles on top. She also wears a gold ribbon-shaped ring with a pink heart in the center on her left middle finger. In her Children's Lunch Dress, her hair grows longer and decorated with red hearts. She has a pale purple headband with a larger purple ribbon above it with a strawberry in the middle and orange half-circles on each side. Her bodice is white with puffy purple sleeves and a white collar. Below her Heart Fruits Pendant is a mint green ruffle. Her skirt resembles a flan with apple slices around the waist and on orange ruffle resembling caramel below it. The lining on the bottom of the skirt resembles cream dollops and there are also white ribbons looping both sides of the surface. She also wears white fingerless gloves with a red sphere in the center and pale brown ankle-length boots with darker toetips and purple bows with red hearts on them. On her back is a giant purple and white checkered ribbon. Gentlu is calm and collected, and doesn't show much emotion. She isn't fond of using violent methods as it's against her policy. Gentlu prefers to carry out her mission without the Cures noticing. She is also rather sly and selfish, capable of easily deceiving her victims with clever words. However, when feeling stressed she can start acting impulsive. Amane is actually a refined, diligent, kind and thoughtful person. Amane cares about everyone around her, and can be very stubborn. She is also known to have a strong sense of justice. She wishes to make everyone smile, just like a parfait does. However, she was quick to deem herself not worthy of being a Pretty Cure or a student council president due to her actions as Gentlu. Ever since she put her trust in her friends, she managed to overcome those doubts. Even after joining the team, she still has some darkness in her heart, but she learns not to waver whenever those emotions start to get the better of her.

blue eyes fair skin junior high student long hair magical girl mahou shoujo purple hair small breasts student student council member student council president headband straight hair
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