Kaseki Husbando

Place of Origin
Ishigami Village
Date of Birth
February 9th 5679
155.00 cm
57.00 kg
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Kaseki is the artisan of Ishigami Village. With expert skill and precision formed by his numerous years of experience as a craftsman, he is a key member of the Kingdom of Science, responsible for creating many of their scientific inventions. Kaseki is a short old man with a large, white beard. He's completely bald, with bushy white downturned eyebrows that get thicker towards the ends. His eyebrows normally cover his eyes, leaving only shadows visible. He has a large, bulbuous nose and slightly pointed ears. Marks of age cover his face: forehead creases, bags under his eyes, crow's feet and smile lines. His outfit consists of a brown tunic and hood, similar to a Christian monk's habit. He has a pouch tied around his waist with his craftsman's tools held at the front. Like the rest of the villagers, he wears white platform sandals. Although initially appearing to be frail, when fired up, he bursts through his clothes, revealing a muscular body. This transformation usually results in him wearing only the lower half of his outfit and showing off the village rope that is tied around his neck. During this transformation, his eyebrows furrow and tilt upwards, flaring at the ends, and leaving at least one eye visible. Kaseki is an honest older man who is prideful in his work and skill as an artisan. Unassuming unless provoked, he displays boundless energy when excited about his work. Originally wary of Senku, Kaseki quickly becomes a loyal and prominent member of the Kingdom of Science. His love for crafting since his childhood helps him form strong bonds with advocates of science. Having been relatively isolated for much of his life due to his interests, he now considers Senku and Chrome as close friends, despite their age differences. He is alike to them in the fact Kaseki is passionate about his craft and despairs when it fails. A genius craftsman, Kaseki picks up techniques with little effort. Upon seeing glass for the first time, he immediately understood how to work best with the material. As one of the oldest members of the Kingdom of Science, Kaseki is relatively wise. He often imparts wisdom on the other members, and is unafraid to admit his own shortcomings. Despite his pride, Kaseki often seeks external validation for his work, particularly from women.

bald beard old pointy ears artisan dot eyes elderly facial hair fair skin honest japanese muscular mustache
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