Kashin Koji

Kashin Koji
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Kashin Koji is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. A sorcerer with a calm and reserved personality. After replacing parts of their body with mechanical puppet parts bit by bit, ultimately there were barely any parts of Kashin Koji's original flesh body left. "There must Be at least oNnNe part leFt", she says if this was not her problem. As Kashin Koji was losing their identity in the process of losing their body, he had no choice but to rely on external support to define himself. Consequently, he came to choose actions based on what others saw him as. For example, if someone noticed Kashin Koji resembled their dead mother, she would define herself as the dead mother and behave as she would. Kashin Koji's visage as a summoned Heroic Spirit is that of one specific girl. She was the wife of a Sengoku general separated from him by a young death. She is the face Kashin Koji wore until her death. Her current "calm and reserved" personality is merely a replica of the girl. ―All left of Kashin Koji's original essence is in the deep scarlet gaze melancholically staring far away.

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