Kasumi Yoshizawa

Kasumi Yoshizawa
Original Name
芳澤 かすみ
Romaji Name
Yoshizawa Kasumi
Appears In
Persona 5
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
162.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 8431
Like # 7885
Trash # 11064

Kasumi Yoshizawa is a character in Persona 5 Royal. She was Sumire Yoshizawa's elder sister. Kasumi is a young girl with identical facial features to Sumire. However, her eyes are brown and more angular compared to her younger sister and she has auburn hair and a beauty mark next to her left eye. She also wears contact lenses and her gymnast outfit is pink instead of bluish violet. Because Kasumi was deceased right before the events of Persona 5 began, and thus was unable to speak for herself, most of her personality and history are only known by the accounts from Sumire's Confidant, as well as her behavior when she identifies herself as Kasumi. Kasumi is largely implied to have the same personality as the "Kasumi" who is actually Sumire under Maruki's spell, aside that she is much more bold and confident and is fully consistent in her performances and cheerfulness, said to be consistently at top score during gymnastic competitions and would do her best to cheer up her sister or protect her from harm. She is also much more nimble, has better memory than Sumire and can execute complex gymnast moves without any issues, something that the fake Kasumi cannot do. Sumire had even described her as a "perfect sister." Despite this, Kasumi does have one inferiority compared to Sumire; she cannot cook as well as her. While possessing obviously well-meaning intent on taking care of Sumire, Kasumi can be highly insensitive or oblivious to her younger sister's depression plummeting to near-suicidal levels because of her care. When Sumire's frustration and mental instability reaches its peak, Kasumi's response is to joke around her, resulting in her subsequent breakdown that led to Kasumi's death.

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