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Paradis Island
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February 23rd
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Kaya (カヤ Kaya?) is a civilian living within Wall Rose. She was saved by Sasha Blouse from a Titan during the Wall Rose invasion, and now lives with the Blouse family. Kaya is a calm and quiet person who does not often show emotions. She does not seem to bond easily with people, as the fact that she gets along with Gabi Braun and Falco Grice is noted by the other orphans living at the Blouse stables and regarded as a good thing. After being saved by her, Kaya wants to be like Sasha Blouse in which she tries to save people in need, no matter who they are. When she overhears Gabi and Falco admit they are from Marley, she helps cover up their secret identities and even tries to help them find a way back to Marley, despite them being from an enemy nation and Gabi having tried to kill her and accused her and her mother of being responsible for atrocities. Despite Kaya's kind personality she is not above violence when her loved ones are involved. When it was revealed that Gabi was responsible for Sasha Blouse's murder, Kaya attempted to stab her in a fit of rage.

bangs blonde hair blue eyes fair skin long hair quiet full lips straight hair
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