Kazuki Kazami

Kazuki Kazami
Original Name
Romaji Name
Kazami Kazuki
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 22nd
150.00 cm
Blood Type
76.00 cm
57.00 cm
78.00 cm
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Popularity # 1076
Like # 957
Trash # 3200

Kazuki Kazami is the elder sister of Yuuji Kazami who disappeared when Yuuji was ten years old. Despite her delicate and diminutive body, she is so intelligent that she can be called a genius. She is the same age as Amane Suou, both of them having attended the same school, "Takizono Private Academy", and having been part of the basketball team. She was presumed dead after a bus accident that affected Yuuji's and Amane's lives greatly. After her "death", her mind was integrated into the Thanatos System by CIRS. Later on, it was found that she still had a functioning body. Kazuki has long, white hair, red eyes and a fragile-looking diminutive body. Yuuji Kazami notes that Kazuki usually had on a rather sleepy expression in contrast to her sharp attitude and keen intellect. In Eden, she used a fake prosthetic hand/claw for the humor of it. Kazuki's exceptional intellect surpasses almost everyone she has come into contact with. Due to this, Kazuki is capable of being a leader during dire times, keeping her calm and level-headed composure in many situations. To those who don't matter to her, Kazuki appears pragmatic, sharp, and blunt, usig these qualities to deftly manipulate those around her to suit her purposes. However, for those she cares about deeply, she occasionally displays more feminine traits, such as blushing and becoming a bit high-strung. Kazuki has expressed a desire not to be perceived solely as a "know-it-all" genius and sometimes wishes she could be an ordinary girl, especially for the sake of her little brother. As Amane Suou stated, Kazuki usually gave away a sense of sleepiness and indifference most of the time. Kazuki has an intense and almost obsessive relationship with her younger brother, Yuuji Kazami, which borders on being unhealthy, to the point of monopolizing him, bathing and even sleeping with him (Although they never slept together during their childhood, Kazuki used to "toy with" her brother, using him as a "sexual tool"). Nevertheless, Kazuki loves her brother very much, her love was enough that she would willingly sacrifice everything for his sake, and she always wanted him to grow up to be a man and become stronger. Her actions were both frightening and fascinating for Yuuji, and her influence would continue to last for many years to come. Interestingly, after a prolonged period of stasis, when meeting with Yuuji again after years, many of his actions surprised and caught Kazuki off-guard as Yuuji now was more experienced in "dealing" with girls he met. They remained siblings, but with their reconciliation, they both admitted their mutual romantic love.

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