Kazuho Haneyama

Kazuho Haneyama
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
May 28th
158.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 2428
Like # 2694
Trash # 1465

Kazuho Haneyama is a vigilante known by the name Pop☆Step. Pop Step is a very smart and Intellectual person, as she acts as the brains of the vigilantes. She has a habit of berating both Kouichi and Knuckleduster when either of them act up in a way that she disapproves of. she also constantly denies having any involvement with them to the police, even though she clearly does. She appears to act like a more moderate Tsundere, mocking and insulting her allies despite clearly caring for Kouichi. Pop Step's Quirk is called Bound and it allows her to leap very high. However, in order to do this, she needs a solid surface to jump off of. Her Quirk is not related to flight, so she's powerless without having a foothold to jump off of. She can't use her Quirk when falling onto an object, but if she leaps off of an object, she will land safely, meaning that when she leaps, her Quick activates and protects her as she falls, but this won't occur unless she leaps first. Her Quirk can also be less effective if she is on a none-solid object, such as muddly ground, and this can limit her leaping distances.

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