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Kazuto Tokino is the male protagonist of the anime and manga series, UFO Princess Valkyrie. He is the owner of the family Tokino Bathhouse and is the older brother of Rika Tokino. He is also the main love interest and official fiancé of Princess Valkyrie. Kazuto is kind, caring, gentle, sincere, thoughtful, considerate, honest, responsible, reliable, persistent, dedicated and hardworking. Although several people including his parents and sister advised Kazuto to give up on running the family bath house, Kazuto refuses and shows great determination to make it into a great business. He is also serious and occasional stubborn and becomes a parent figure to the child version of Valkyrie, while also beginning to fall in love with her, looking past her child appearance. Kazuto is also protective of anyone close to him, such as protecting Valkyrie from returning to Valhalla with Hydra and later Prince Triam and prevented Sanada from trying to turn Akina into a cat girl.

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