Kazuya Miyuki Husbando

Kazuya Miyuki
Original Name
御幸 一也
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
November 17th
179.00 cm
71.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 15357
Like # 15261
Trash # 13758

Kazuya Miyuki is a student of Seidou High and is the regular catcher as well as the captain of Seidou High's baseball team. He is a genius catcher whose name is nationally well known. He was scouted by Takashima when he was still a first year in junior high. Kazuya has medium length brown hair that he styles messy and windswept. He has brown/amber eyes, and wears glasses. During games he wears contacts and visors to protect them from debris. He often wears his hat sideways. Miyuki is considered to be rather good-looking, often having a plethora of girls shouting his name whenever he's at bat. Kazuya is deemed to be arrogant and cheeky, and enjoys getting into people's heads. Despite his good looks, he has a horrible personality. Whether by outsmarting them on the diamond, or just by getting under their skin, he is often seen laughing because of this. In contrast to his gadfly-ish attitude, he can be serious and forthright, not mincing words when pointing out what his teammates should have done and can do better. He's not afraid of being disliked, and there were times when his strict words have affected his teammates. But he has stronger determination to win than anyone else hidden inside of him.

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