Kenji Miyazawa Husbando

Kenji Miyazawa
Original Name
宮沢 賢治
Romaji Name
Miyazawa Kenji
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 27th
158.00 cm
53.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 10230
Like # 9588
Trash # 12485

Kenji Miyazawa is a member of the Armed Detective Agency. He has the ability Undefeated by the Rain. Kenji is a young boy with gold eyes and short blond hair that reaches past the nape of his neck. His bangs are gathered at the center of his forehead and he has freckles across his cheeks. He wears blue overalls that are cuffed and a black belt around his waist. His overalls are worn over a loose beige shirt that has tattered sleeves. He wears a black undershirt that has sleeves ending a little past the elbows. He wears an old straw hat around his neck. He usually goes barefoot but is sometimes shown wearing sandals. After the cannibalism, Kenji is seen wearing a white long sleeves and black tie during the celebration. After the agency's frameup as terrorists, Kenji wears a riot gear. Hailing from a small rural village, Kenji is a simple but carefree and hospitable boy, who never fails to greet people with a smile on his face. It's because of this welcoming disposition that makes him quite popular with the residents in the city. He carries an exceedingly optimistic outlook and always believes in the innate sincerity of others, regardless of what they may appear, say, or do. His obliviousness to the dangers some situations pose may be attributed to his rustic upbringing, but it's a mentality that has aided him in several investigations, given his high track record in solving difficult cases. Specifically, he interrogates suspects straightforwardly regarding their possible involvements in cases and, when they would naturally deny his allegations, Kenji would simply believe them and take his leave, even thanking them for their cooperation. In addition, because Kenji is from the countryside, he is unable to comprehend basic urban concepts such as money and often has to rely on his rural instincts. This leads to more peculiar "methods" of the resolution, such as using his ability to beat culprits into submission, an act that has yielded him a fearsome reputation amongst the more suspect groups in the area. Doppo Kunikida notably claimed that Kenji's methods are far too peculiar to be used as an example for their newcomer to learn from. Moreover, even among the eccentric characteristics of his fellow Agency members, Kenji's innocence tends to stand out. His frank and candid statements at times appear quite impossible to attain or consider. For instance, when asked what they can do for Atsushi Nakajima's entrance exam, Kenji cited various unorthodox suggestions like having Atsushi wrestle with him and other rituals from his hometown. Moreover, he tends to take interest in the city and its people, once being exceptionally amazed at Chūya Nakahara's hat not falling when he stood upside down. Nevertheless, as part of the Agency, Kenji places his trust in their noble actions and intentions. He once agreed to join and help them in risking their lives to fight the Port Mafia for the sake of protecting the President, despite admitting himself that he does not fully know whether doing so is the right thing or not. Furthermore, Kenji's lighthearted optimism became a pivotal aspect in returning the Agency's spirits during their frameup, after he motivated them to surpass their current trial and rise back to the surface so long as they keep on living. From such instance, Kenji appears to also have a perceptiveness in grasping and understanding their serious situation, able to almost easily incite a 180-degree turn from his fellow members' pessimism into imbibing a sense of hope in them. Despite this gentle and caring side of Kenji, he has a "menacing side". According to Kunikida, when danger, anger, or impending nightmares drive away the gentle side of Kenji, Kenji becomes a totally different person. This can be seen when Kenji heard about the Hunting Dogs' plan to torture Atsushi to spit out their plans for terrorism. Hearing about this torture changed the Kenji's nature -from being a calm and collective Kenji to a raging Kenji that is willing to do everything what it takes to help his friend.

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