Akira Kenjou

Akira Kenjou
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Kenjō Akira
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September 24th
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Kenjou Akira is one of the six main Cures in KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. She is a second-year transfer student at Ichigo Field High School. She is gentle and has a strong sense of justice like a "dog". Akira's alter ego is Cure Chocolat, the Pretty Cure of strength and love, and she is based off chocolates and dogs. Her catchphrases are "Are you okay?" and "There there". Akira is a tall teen with sharp red eyes and short hair. She wears a brown top under a beige and red button-up, with blue jeans, a brown belt, and tan boots. On her neck is a dog tag. For summer she switches to a white T-shirt with a red vest and red and white sneakers. For winter she wears a long-sleeved red collared shirt with a tan sweater and dark brown boots, sometimes adding a red pea coat and gloves. In the movie, she wears a bluish-grey sweater vest over a white long-sleeved shirt, dull brown pants, and brown boots. At the party, she wears a red sleeveless jumpsuit, white gloves, and red shoes. As a child, she wore a long-sleeved, beige shirt beneath a red t-shirt with denim jeans and white-red sneakers. After she becomes a student at a medical institute in the future, she now ties her grown hair into a ponytail. As Cure Chocolat, her vibrant hair becomes spiked with a single brown lock and she gains red pointed dog ears and tail. She wears a chocolate top hat, silver earrings, and a dark brown choker with a silver tag. Her outfit consists of a red and brown jacket with the upper sleeve puffed and the cuff white, accenting the chest. On the chest is a yellow and brown piece of fabric hanging from a chocolate charm. Her furry cream collar matches that of her burgundy boots, which have a paw-like toe section, and pleat skirt. She also wears dark brown shorts, a chocolate cape, and white gloves and stockings. As Super Cure Chocolat, her outfit turns white and brown, the chest stripe and lower sleeves being red. The collar of her jacket is pointed to accent the dark brown and white peplum over her skirt. Her cape is now gold and brown, and her shorts crimson. Her boots are pale brown with an alternate cuff. In her A La Mode Style, she gains a pale red fluffy hood and her hat has a large red feather. Her jacket loses the lower sleeve while the top turns pale red and fluffy. Her chest ornament is now a chocolate heart with pale cream fabric, and the base of her jacket is now crimson and yellow to match her thigh-length boots. She gains a fluffy pale red skirt with a pointed, dark brown layer over it, along with a long flowing pale red layer with crimson spheres around the bottom. She also gains crimson gloves. Akira is a kind and youthful high school student in her second year. She is fiercely loyal and always stands by her loved ones, with a strong sense of justice like a dog. Akira has a rational mind and knows her way around places, making her a reliable person. Her caring nature extends to her younger sister Miku, who is sick. Akira often gives her chocolate to cheer her up and once even sacrificed her own Kirakiraru to rescue her. Despite being referred to as a boy by those around her, Akira doesn't mind and can even be a bit of a show-off at times.

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