Khun Maschenny Zahard

Khun Maschenny Zahard
Original Name
쿤 마스체니 자하드
Romaji Name
Kun Mahseuchehni Jahad
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
184.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 8608
Like # 8256
Trash # 9356

Khun Maschenny Zahard is a Top 100 High Rankers in the Tower from the Khun Family and the owner of the Yellow May, one of the 13 Month Series. She is the only Zahard's Princesses in the Khun Family to be awarded with a 13 Months. She is a direct descendant, biological daughter of Khun Eduan and Khun Maschenny. Maschenny is a pale-skinned, tall woman with an hourglass figure, very long light blue hair and blue eyes. In her most recent appearance, she wore a dark-colored outfit. She has been shown to be extremely haughty, stating Ha Yuri Zahard, a prodigy even in the ranks of a Princess, was only a novice and should hand her 13 Month Series weapons to her. She has a short temper and calls Yuri a "bitch" for denying her rights over her weapons. Being a member of the Khun Family, it can be assumed that she is decisive and cunning. Later into the series, when King Zahard commands his army to fulfill one of the three orders, Maschenny gathered her troops to where Ha Jinsung is. She was very manipulative as she tricked her troops into thinking her and Jinsung were fighting but she was actually telling important secret information to Jinsung so he can hurry to the last station to save the boy which the king has noticed his existence. She reappears later to backstab Ha Jinsung while he was trying to stop Kallavan from going to the last station to kill the regulars. She is shown to be a sarcastic individual, asking her subordinate if they want her to bow for her "mistake". She also said that the smell of blood gets her in the mood for a fight, hinting a sadistic personality.

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