Kie Kamado

Kie Kamado
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Kie Kamado is Tanjiro Kamado's mother. She was killed by Muzan Kibutsuji. Kie is a woman with a noticeably light complexion, kind, dark purple eyes that appear a lighter color around the rims of their irises, and a small beauty mark located on the left of her face below her lower lip. She has black hair, worn tied back in a messy bun with a few loose strands left to dangle over her face. She wears a purple and cream checkered kimono with a white and long-sleeved kappōgi over the top, also sporting a white tenugui cloth that she wears around her head, covering most of her hair. Kie is a warm and loving person; as the mother of 6 children, she is always seen displaying a very affectionate and caring personality. Since she is a single mother, Kie always tries to be as warm and kind to her children as she can to fill the gap her husband left. She is very protective of her children, but at the same time teaches them to be independent. Kie also demonstrates a positive and encouraging vibe, especially during her appearance in Nezuko Kamado's subconsciousness, encouraging her to wake and help her brother to fight and telling her to do her best.

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