Kiji Mitsuba Husbando

Kiji Mitsuba
Original Name
三葉 キジ
Romaji Name
Mitsuba Kiji
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
185.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 42040
Like # 41250
Trash # 40931

Kiji Mitsuba (三葉 キジ Mitsuba Kiji) is a supporting character in the Nanbaka Web Manga and anime. He is a guard of Nanba Prison where he is the supervisor of building three. Kiji has long, dark blue hair with light blue tips and red bangs decorated with feather-like accessories at the end, gold eyes, thick black eyebrows, heavy makeup, gold earrings, and the most notable of which is violet eyeshadow and lipstick. Kiji wears a heavily modified version of the standard Nanba Prison guard uniform. His jacket reaches his ankles, and he wears a turquoise feather boa around his neck, as well as a belt consisting of turquoise and purple beats. For footwear, he wears black heeled boots with gold toes and gold feather-like ornaments at the heel. His hat is decorated with a gold flower motif. As a guard of building three, he wears a purple armband on his left arm. Kiji is strict, bossy and short-tempered in nature, prone to nagging those around him; his bossiness is such that he is stated to be an unwanted maternal figure among the supervisors. He is impatient and short-tempered to the point that he can come across as somewhat intimidating. Described as an aesthetically conscious individual, he considers himself to be beautiful and takes a great amount of pride in his appearance such that it borders on arrogance. He has a certain bias towards those who are handsome. Despite this, Kiji does not appear to be shallow or discriminative as he speaks quite negatively of those who judge others without truly knowing them. In spite of his bossy and arrogant nature, he is capable of being rather warm and kind to others, including inmates, opponents and former enemies. He is shown to be quite protective of his inmates - albeit due mostly to their handsome appearances - and becomes considerably distressed at the prospect of them becoming hurt that he has a tendency to worry a lot, which is stated by Mitsuru Hitokoe.

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