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King Grayskull
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D'Vann Grayskull
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500 years before the time of He-Man, King D'Vann Grayskull was teaching his young sons D'Are and Ro how to use a sword, when the Snake Men attacked the Hall of Wisdom, together with a their newfound ally, the Orlax of Primeria. The Orlax picked up young D'Are with one of its tentacles, causing the young boy to fall into a deep sleep immediately. Grayskull found himself unable to hurt the creature with his sword. The Elders explained to him that it existed in two different dimensions at once, and that it would needed to be inflicted in both dimensions simultaneously. Grayskull had to forge himself a new weapon, using a special kind of dark ore he obtained from Scare Glow in the realm of Subternia and with the help of Trollan Magesmiths. By merging the newly created sword with his own Preternian weapon, he created the Sword of Power that would be used by him and many champions of Eternia to follow. Grayskull was finally able to defeat the Orlax and cut off the limb that held his son. Unfortunately, young D'Are did not awake from his slumber. Grayskull's wife, Veena, realized that he had not been poisoned, but the Orlax's touch formed a psychic connection too strong for human minds to process. She concluded that the Orlax may have merely been trying to communicate with them. When the Orlax attacked again, a visiting hero from the future used his own sword to cut off another of the beast's tentacles. After mentioning that the creature was called the Orlax, the Hero suggested that King Grayskull might disguise the location of the Hall of Wisdom and encouraged young Ro to keep training with his father. He then left with the second severed limb to go back to his own time. The Council of Elders cast a spell to make their Hall of Wisdom appear as a far more ominous looking castle, with a helmeted skull as part of its facade. This version became name as Castle Grayskull, named after D'Vann, which the hero admittedly found a dubious honor. Grayskull later passed on the Sword of Power to his son Ro, who became known as He-Ro. As a reward for all the heroic deeds he performed during his lifetime, Grayskull was awarded a place in the Eternian heaven, Preternia, where he was allowed to spend eternity with other heroes of Eternia, many of whom carried the Sword of Power after Grayskull and He-Ro's time. Grayskull took part in the Wild Hunt by riding a Bionatops and won first prize by catching up to his prey, a purple panthor, and grabbing it in a headlock before allowing it to roam free once more. A group of mortals led by Teela visited Preternia in order to reforge the split halves of the Sword of Power. Grayskull talked to Teela at a campfire and promised to bring her to a portal inside Grayskull Tower that led back to the land of the living. When Adam inquired why Grayskull had never used it himself, he answered that he had discovered he had not been truly living until he entered the afterlife and did not want to leave. Besides, once he left, he would not be allowed back into Preternia. Still, Adam decided to return to the land of the living with Teela and her companions. Grayskull was there to bid them goodbye. Some time later, Evil-Lyn obtained the Sword of Power and claimed the Power of Grayskull for herself, thereby becomming God-Lyn. While adressing all the people of Eternia, she opened a gate to Preternia and destroyed it, blowing all of the Heroes and Heroines living in this realm, including King Grayskull, to atoms.

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