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Kirei Kotomine
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December 28th 1967
193.00 cm
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Kirei Kotomine is the Master of Assassin in the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War of Fate/Zero. He later forms a contract with Archer after Assassin's defeat. This contract persists into the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night, where he is also appointed overseer of the Holy Grail War and forcibly takes the contract of Lancer after dealing a fatal wound his Master, Bazett Fraga McRemitz. While he is supposed to be an impartial mediator, he works in the background of the Holy Grail War to meet his own goals. He is a main character of Fate/Zero and a major antagonist of Fate/stay night. Kirei wears simple vestments and a golden cross around his neck during the Fourth Holy Grail War, and he wears a cassock as of the Fifth Holy Grail War. Participating in the 4th Holy Grail War at the age of 28. He is noted to be rather tall, standing at 185 cm in his mid twenties, and experiencing an unnatural eight centimeter growth spurt to 193 cm after the Fourth Holy Grail War for an unknown reason. Unknown to all those around him, Kirei was born defective, possessing a warped mind since birth. He is an evil person, but not a villain. He is deviant, but not inhuman. Despite his personal accomplishments, he never felt satisfaction. Despite his best efforts he could not enjoy what other people found happiness in, and instead found himself drawn to negative emotions like the pain of others. He is able to act like a normal person, even bringing pride to his father, but he intrinsically does not feel the same happiness others do. He is very similar to Shirou in that he is a void human being without a clear sense of self, and can be called the opposite extreme of Shirou. If Archer is a light embossing of Shirou's defects, then Kotomine could be said to be the wall exposing those defects by darkness. He also pursued Kiritsugu fervently, mistakenly believing that Kiritsugu possessed the same hollowness. After first learning of his defect as a child, he attempted to correct it through various methods because he believed that it was not in accordance with the world. He had nothing that could be called a "sense of purpose" like his father or teacher, so he was unable to consider an idea noble, find comfort in any quest, or find solace in pleasure. Though he still believed in God, he lacked the maturity to perceive it, and he only felt that there was a supreme existence, still clinging onto the small hope that the word of God would lead him to supreme truth and save him. He already knew within himself that salvation would no longer come from the love of God for one such as himself, removed far from the sense of values held by the ordinary world. Unable to figure out a passion in which to throw himself, he was driven into masochism in his despair, forging his body under tortures and becoming Risei's pride for his perceived devotion and piety. He was ashamed by Risei's misunderstanding, which not even a lifetime's worth of shame could amend. After over twenty years and various methods including an attempt at a family, he came to realize that it was his unchanging nature. Not even his wife could understand how much he lacked, and though he was planning suicide before his wife's death, he simply decided to devote his time to single-mindedly following the orders of the Church while ignoring his inclinations. Always calm and serious, he came to believe that joy itself was actually a sin, and, believing that finding joy in and from the pain of others is monstrous and inhuman, condemned the same atrocities that he would later perform. He was confused as to why he was chosen by the Holy Grail as a Master, he who lacked sense of purpose, ideals, or aspiration. There should have been many other capable people to support Tokiomi, so he believed that explanation to be false. It chose him, which was a worrying inconsistency in that someone such as him had no reason to need an "almighty wish machine." After acquainting himself with Gilgamesh, he fully accepts the fact that he feels joy from the suffering of others.

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