Original Name
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Treasure Island
Date of Birth
July 7th 5718
164.00 cm
55.00 kg
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Popularity # 7386
Like # 6943
Trash # 9570

Kirisame is one of the two strongest warriors in the Petrification Kingdom, the other being Moz. She is now a member of the Kingdom of Science, replacing Soyuz after he decided to stay behind at the end of the Treasure Island Arc. Kirisame is a slender woman comparable to Kohaku in height, with black dreadlocks and caps at the tips. She wears stone ornaments in her hair, similar to cat ears in shape. She has narrow, green-colored eyes and is usually expressionless. She has facial markings of unknown origin that extend from the top of her eyebrows in a curl, similar to Moz's. She wears a loose, see-through dress. Kirisame maintains her modesty through bulbous ornaments that cover her chest area and a dark design that covers the front of her lower half. On her back, she has another Treasure Island star design with the black braid hanging down that functions as a hook for her twin clubs. She also wears a necklace that covers most of her neck made of stone. As a child, she looked similar to her current appearance but her hair formed two little bug antennas. Kirisame is a cold, collected individual who, unlike her colleague Moz, appears more professional, rarely smiling or relaxing, coming off as unflappable. However, she occasionally shows cracks in this personality, for example, towards romance. When Kohaku kissed Senku under the pretense that he was her boyfriend, Kirisame was incredibly flustered. She also blushed at being hinted to have an attraction to Kinro. Like most Stone World people, she is amazed by new things, such as her own revival and the sights of the sea. Kirisame is loyal to the head of Treasure Island, unknowingly committing evil in his name due to Ibara's wicked manipulations. After learning she had been duped into unjustly petrifying the islanders for years, Kirisame was angered. Since accepting Soyuz as the leader of Treasure Island, Kirisame has noticeably mellowed out. She joins the Kingdom of Science on his request, following Senku's orders. She seems to get along with her new allies, never seen in conflict and having casual conversations.

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