Tamako Kitashirakawa

Tamako Kitashirakawa
Original Name
北白川 たまこ
Romaji Name
Kitashirakawa Tamako
Appears In
Tamako Market
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 31st 1997
156.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 1983
Like # 1762
Trash # 5365

Tamako Kitashirakawa is the main protagonist in the 2013 anime television Tamako Market and the 2014 anime movie Tamako Love Story. She is the daughter of Tama-ya's owner in the Usagiyama Shopping District. Tamako has black hair with blue tones that she always keeps in two pony-tails, kept together with white bands at the height of her ears. The ponytails fall over her shoulders. She often has a few strands of hair springing from her head. She has sapphire-blue eyes and is often seen with a gentle smile and a slight blush. She also has a mole on her left side of her neck, the same as her late mother. Tamako is generally seen wearing her school's uniform, which is composed of a dark blue dress and a white shirt. The dress has two wide straps over her shoulders, four buttons on the chest area and a small belt around her waist. The bottom part of the dress looks like a regular skirt, reaching her knees. She wears the white shirt under the dress, which has a wide, flipped down collar and a red ribbon. Her calves are wrapped by white socks and she wears plain black shoes. As a child, she was noted to wear rather large glasses but still kept her trademark pigtails. A kind and friendly girl who cares a lot for her friends, she makes friends easily and is shown to be idealistic with a love for mochi. Tamako is slow in catching up to love and romantic feelings from others, indicated when she hadn't realized Anko's crush on her friend, Mochizō's crush, and also Midori's. She is shown to be highly creative, always sketching plans for mochi designs in her spare time. She is rather eccentric, as she had considered "butt-mochi". She doesn't appear to think very ahead into her future and doesn't have much rich desires, comfortable with settling in a life in her family's mochi shop. However, she is generally acceptable to change in contrast to her father's traditional values, as she constantly brings up modern suggestions for mochi designs to his irritation. This acceptance to change is present so as long as she is happy and familiar with her surroundings that are memorable to her, such as her refusal to leave the marketplace to marry the prince.

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