Kiyoka Kudou Husbando

Kiyoka Kudou
Original Name
久堂 清霞
Romaji Name
Kudō Kiyoka
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Kiyoka Kudou is the male protagonist of the My Happy Marriage series. He is the head of the Kudou family, the commander of the Special Anti-Grotesquerie Unit and the fiancé of Miyo Saimori. Kiyoka is a strikingly beautiful young man of 27 years old. He has porcelain skin that is free from imperfections. His pale-blue eyes are framed by long ash-blond hair so fine as to be almost transparent and so phenomenally stunning that many women would be envious. He has a slender physique, and his movements are graceful and spellbinding. When he is walking, his long hair would sway with every step and his body would move with flawless precision. His mannerisms are so utterly refined that there isn't a trace of brusqueness. This gracefulness would befit a sheltered maiden from a noble house, and his fair appearance lends him an ephemeral beauty shocking to see in a man. Even from a distance, his enchanting presence turns heads. Despite his slenderness and grace, he doesn't give the impression of a weak man. Years of military training has given him a deceptively sturdy build, and the skin on the palm of his sword hand is calloused and rough. Never failing to complete his daily training exercises, Kiyoka is a highly athletic person. Kiyoka mostly ties his waist-length hair in a low side ponytail by a kumihimo. It usually rests on his left shoulder with long bangs hanging on the right side of his face. For his job as a commanding officer, he wears a military uniform with many badges indicating a high rank. The uniform is dark blue in color and is finished with golden shoulder cords. Outside of work, he wears a periwinkle cloth over a navy blue kimono robe with a forest green sash, white socks, and wooden sandals. Kiyoka is a proud man and conscious of his importance, something he wouldn't deny, but he feels that he is neither conceited nor bossy, so he wouldn’t stand those traits in other people, either. That had always been the deal breaker for him in choosing a bride. Because he met many women who didn’t bother trying to understand the man they might end up marrying and instead criticized him outright, he is fed up with them and treat all his bridal candidates with a cold, intimidating demeanor, not planning on keeping them around too long. This earned him a reputation for being heartless towards women. Of all the girls from well-heeled families who'd been offered to him as brides, none had managed to bear him for more than three days before running back home. His reputation isn't limited to his interactions with women, there are stories abound of his mercilessness and cruelty as a soldier who had put his opponents to the sword without hesitation and could kill in cold blood. High-ranking officers and even generals shiver at the very mention of his name. People don't want to incur his wrath, because his anger can be truly fearsome. Only a handful of people dare openly express their opinions to him, such as his aide Yoshito Godou and Kiyoka's direct superior, Major General Masashi Ookaito. Because of Kiyoka's leadership style has made his unit's training infamous for being among the top five most draconian in the entire army. Ironically, this has instilled unwavering courage in his soldiers when battling Grotesqueries. In reality, Kiyoka is a kind-hearted man whose demeanor and expressions are often susceptible to misinterpretation. For example, when someone performs an act of kindness towards him, he tends to mutter his gratitude and accept it with a stern countenance. Those unfamiliar with him might mistakenly assume he's upset, when in fact he is simply shy. When Kiyoka is genuinely concerned, his face may darken, exuding an intimidating aura. The chilling intensity in his eyes befits his reputation as a cruel and callous man. However, he isn't upset at all, but the chilly air around him makes people shiver.

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