Kiyomi Azumabito

Kiyomi Azumabito
Original Name
吾妻人 清美
Romaji Name
Azumabito Kiyomi
Place of Origin
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Trash # 33509

Kiyomi Azumabito is an ambassador of Hizuru and an ally to the Eldians on Paradis Island. Kiyomi is a middle-aged Asian woman. She is around average in height and has small facial features, thin eyebrows, and black hair neatly kept in a bun. When fulfilling her ambassador services, Kiyomi usually wears the traditional Hizuru kimono, though she still dresses formally otherwise. Like many from the Azumabito family, Kiyomi is sensitive to money. She is easily bought to ally herself with Paradis Island after hearing about its iceburst stone reserves from Zeke Jaeger. The mere thought of wealth causes her to salivate. Despite her greed, Kiyomi claims to have a strong sense of pride for the Azumabito family as seen by her desire to protect Mikasa regardless of the Azumabito's investments in Paradis Island. Kiyomi is a calm and secretive individual, playing along with Willy Tybur's festival and even congratulating him despite knowing what is to come. She also is sympathetic to Eldians, as shown when she chose to cover up Udo's mistake of spilling wine on her kimono, saving him from the other ambassadors.

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