Kizuna Kazayama

Kizuna Kazayama
Original Name
風山 絆
Romaji Name
Kazayama Kizuna
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
150.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 3562
Like # 3356
Trash # 5019

Kizuna Kazayama was summoned to another world to serve as the Hunting Hero, one of the Four Legendary Heroes from Glass' World. Kizuna has brown eyes and long brown hair tied into pigtails. She primarily wears a western Gothic dress along with a haori coat on top that was given to her by Glass. The weapon in her possession is the Legendary Hunting Tool which was granted to her when she was summoned to another world. As a Hero, her weapon is always attached to her, normally taking the form of a fishing rod that is folded and carried on her waist. At times of need, it can transform into a Maguro bōchō to be used as a weapon. Similar to the rest of the other legendary heroes, Kizuna is also an otaku who mistakenly believed the world to be a game at first and then came to realize the truth later. She completely disapproved of the idea of killing another world's holy heroes for their own world's survival, and believes that the heroes are needed for some other reason. She also loves fishing, so much so that she often ignores completing her missions in order to fish.

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