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Kjelle is a playable child character in Fire Emblem Awakening and the daughter of Sully. Kjelle is just as tomboyish as her mother. She has a kind heart and is protective of others, but tends to look down on weakness. She loves sparring, and if she sees someone who has ability, she will challenge him or her regardless of social standing. However, she hates people who look down on her because of her gender, just like her mother. She begins to receive fan mail from Sully's female fans upon reuniting with her mother. She likes armor more than anyone else in the army, both shown through the Army Roster and her supports with the female Robin. In her support with Severa, Kjelle has no knowledge of feminine activities. Severa helps her by teaching her to do certain things, like apply cosmetics. Although, Kjelle having no knowledge of said activities is somewhat false (in the localization only), as in her support with Laurent, she mentions that she will do her nails while getting a massage as Laurent recommends (however, due to the context, she may also have said this sarcastically). In the paralogue Hot-Spring Scramble, in her conversation with Cynthia, it is revealed that Kjelle had a scar on her back when she had protected Cynthia from a Risen’s dagger which would’ve claimed her life in the past. In her friend support with Lucina, it is revealed that Kjelle is highly unsociable due to her dislike of people weaker than her. That said, she gives respect to those who she acknowledges are stronger than she is, such as Chrom. Kjelle's dislike for weakness also comes up in her supports with the male Robin, where she challenges him twice in a bid to judge his strength.

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