Kobachi Osaragi

Kobachi Osaragi
Original Name
大仏 こばち
Romaji Name
Osaragi Kobachi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 6th
163.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 5557
Like # 7259
Trash # 2087

Kobachi Osaragi is a supporting character in the series. She is a second-year student at Shuchi'in Academy and member of the Public Morals Committee. She is Miko Iino's best friend and one of The Impossible Girls. Kobachi is a beautiful young girl with collarbone-length black hair that is styled to have its tied ends rest on her left shoulder and wears round glasses that have been with her since childhood, which obscure her eyes. When in Shuchi'in Academy uniform, she wears a yellow armband on her left arm to distinguish herself as a member of the Public Morals Committee. She is considered very attractive by her fellow freshmen and classmates, and boys often wait at the school gate to ask her out. Kobachi is a girl of few words and an astute observer who is very caring to Miko Iino that she has been looking out for her for over a decade due to her gullible nature. As member of the Public Morals Committee, she also has a fine sense of justice, however not as intense as Miko's. She has great confidence in her beauty and despite the fact that there's always guys waiting for her at the school gate, she doesn't mind them fawning over her. She has a hidden perverted side, showing interest in a confiscated Boy's Love (BL) magazine and describing the idea of sexual immorality in the Student Council as "a pretty hot situation".

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