Kobeni Higashiyama

Kobeni Higashiyama
Original Name
東山 コベニ
Romaji Name
Higashiyama Kobeni
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
155.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 605
Like # 560
Trash # 1151

Kobeni Higashiyama is a former Public Safety Devil Hunter who started as a new recruit working under Makima's experimental squad. Kobeni later resigned from the experimental squad after the battle against the Darkness Devil in Hell. Kobeni is a petite young woman with short brown hair, in both the anime and colored manga, tied in a ponytail. She has brown eyes with white pupils. On her face are four moles, two under her left eye, one in the lower right side of her mouth and one on her left cheek. She normally wears a professional suit and she has two hair-clips. At the newbie welcome party, she wore a hand-me-down dress from her older sister which was considered to be cute by a couple other devil hunters. Kobeni is exceptionally cowardly with few moments of courage. Her first confrontation with the Eternity Devil lead to her being paralyzed with fright and babbling. She is shown to easily crack under pressure and breaks down in tears when the group becomes trapped in the hotel and she is confronted with the possibility of them all starving to death without any rescue. Her sense of fear causes her to take drastic action in order to save herself such as turning on Denji and threatening him at knifepoint once a devil promised to free her in exchange for Denji's life. She even went as far as accusing Hirokazu Arai of being a spy for the devils because he defended Power from Kobeni's delusional accusations. Despite how she acted towards them in her panicked state, she did feel remorse for her actions and gratitude towards Hirokazu for shielding her when they were attacked. However when Kobeni gets into action she had proven to be cool-headed and efficient, ruthlessly dealing with both the Katana Man and Akane Sawatari and forcing them to retreat; only breaking down in a panic once the fighting is over. Despite being forced into a line of work that she hates by her family, Kobeni still cares about them as she sends her money to her brother to support him through college and chauffeurs her family around in her car. Kobeni is shown to be nervous when hugged repeatedly by Himeno but tolerates her antics. Kobeni is shown to enjoy alcohol, especially when it is paid for by someone else. Her hobby is to eat tasty things. She loves the flavor of ice-cream which she has only experienced three times in her life.

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