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Kōdai Tatta is a character first appears in the Beach arc. He’s a rather decent man whose real specialty is his knowledge of automobiles. Tatta has decently long, messy black hair. He is almost always seen wearing a cap and metallic necklace. During the Witch Hunt, he is shirtless and wears swim trunks sporting stars on them. He has a very loose, chill, and carefree demeanor usually, but is freaked out easily under tense circumstances, which obviously doesn’t benefit him or anyone else in the Borderlands. He dropped out of high school to chase unreachable dreams and his thinking is pretty surface level. While he isn’t the most intelligent in terms of academics or rationality, he understands people well due to his prior struggles with life. He can empathize with people, and due to his fun nature, is able to easily lighten up the whole mood during grim times.

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