Kogure Kawanami Husbando

Kogure Kawanami
Original Name
川波 小暮
Romaji Name
Kawanami Kogure
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 31287
Like # 31912
Trash # 27619

Kogure Kawanami is a supporting character of the series. A frivolous and popular guy and self-proclaimed best friend of Mizuto. He calls himself a "Read Only Member" when it comes to love, declaring that he has no intention of pursuing it. Mizuto and Yui's classmates. He always has a cheerful personality, and many words and deeds of his can be considered frivolous. He is good at getting used to the surroundings without being shy and has a high ability to adjust to human relationships. Akatsuki and her childhood friend in the apartment room were dating Akatsuki when she was in elementary school, and she was called "Ah-chan". However, he broke up due to a hole in his stomach caused by the stress of Akatsuki's excessive affection. For this reason, he is now suffering from a seizure that causes urticaria when he feels a little love for herself. Instead of falling in love with herself, he talks about the love of others (especially Mizuto and Yui).

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