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Komoe is a recurring character in this series. She is the second fragment created by Tomoe. Her role is to help supervise and collect information regarding the alternate space Asora. Following the demise of the first offshoot, the second has been given more power and strength, to the level that she is one of the stronger individuals in Asora, and has the additional role of supervising the combat training of other combat-oriented inhabitants of Asora. Like the first offshoot, she is a short 'chibi' version of Tomoe who barely reaches the height of Makoto Misumi's waist. Like Tomoe, she wears Japanese-themed clothing, consisting of a kimono and hakama. Unlike the first offshoot or Tomoe, she wears her hair with bangs at the front and depending on the media, a high ponytail like Tomoe in the manga, or leaves it long at the back without tying it in the light novel. Naive and playful she is passing time mostly with inhabitants of Asora. She uses polite language when conversing with Makoto. Her personality is similar to the first but different enough for Makoto to immediately recognize she was not the first offshoot. It's worth mentioning that Komoe can't be considered an exact clone of Tomoe since Tomoe's offshoots generally have their own (different) personality.

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