Konomi Tatara

Konomi Tatara
Original Name
多々良 木乃実
Romaji Name
Tatara Konomi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 4th
155.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 19153
Like # 17233
Trash # 31273

Konomi Tatara is the Anti-Demon Corps' 1st Unit current Chief after the previous Chief, Riu Myouga stepped down from her position. Konomi is a young girl with brown hair tied up into a ponytail in the back using a black band and reddish-brown eyes. She wears an Anti-Demon Corps uniform modified to look more like a martial artist's uniform, with a sleeveless vest, a black undershirt, a blue obi, and red martial arts gloves. Konomi has a rather energetic and lively personality as noted in a number of her interactions with all the other Chiefs. She is respectful, which is shown when she talked to Kyouka, who is also a fellow senior disciple. She is also someone who doesn't look down on men, as seen with how Konomi was willing to accept Yuuki's request and offered the young man a water bottle. In addition to that, Konomi is also diligent, taking training seriously. In addition to that, Konomi is also inquisitive, willing to kiss a fellow classmate to understand why her senior seems to enjoy kissing Yuuki Wakura

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