Kota Izumi Husbando

Kota Izumi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 12th
107.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 7202
Like # 9369
Trash # 3182

Kota Izumi is the second cousin of Shino Sosaki and the son of the now-deceased hero team Water Hose. Prior to the death of his parents, Kota was a very happy boy who loved his parents. After the deaths of his parents, Kota became a reserved, cold, and grumpy misanthrope who hates being around those who desire to become heroes. So much so, that he punched Izuku in his groin the moment they met. Kota also doesn't seem to be a fan of indecency. Due to the premature deaths of both his parents, Kota had a cynical and jaded view of heroes. He believed that his parents abandoned him by choosing to work as Pro Heroes. Kota's Quirk allows him to release a splash of water from his hands. The Quirk appears to be somewhat weak, most likely due to Kota's young age and lack of training and experience.

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