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Kota Izumi
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Kota Izumi is Shino Sosaki's nephew and the son of the now-deceased Hero team, Water Hose. Kota is a small boy with short spiky black hair who stands at a height comparable to Minoru Mineta. His style of clothing consists of a short-sleeved collared shirt with buttons and dark shorts. In the colder months, he is seen wearing a sweatshirt with a hood. He also wears a red hat with two golden spike-shaped horns on the front. He used to wear black boots, but after Izuku Midoriya saved him from the villain, Muscular, he starts wearing red high-top sneakers that are very similar to Izuku's own. Originally, Kota was a very happy boy who loved his parents. But after their deaths, Kota became a reserved, cold, and grumpy misanthrope who hates being around Heroes and those who desire to become them. So much so, that he punched Izuku in the groin when they first met. Kota also doesn't seem to be a fan of indecency, as shown when he stops Minoru from peeping on the girl's hot spring by throwing him from the top of the wall. Due to the premature deaths of both his parents, Kota had developed a cynical and jaded view of Heroes. He believed that his parents abandoned him by choosing to work as Pro Heroes, unable to comprehend that they had died noble deaths in trying to stop a rampaging villain. Kota remained distant and closed his heart to Shino, his only remaining relative, and clearly dislikes her and the other Wild, Wild Pussycats for being Heroes, but does as they say since he has nowhere else to go. Kota detested not only Heroes but Villains, Quirks, and the current superhuman society in general as well. Kota views Heroes and Villains killing one another with their "corny powers" as just shows of strength for the sake of petty popularity. To Kota, this conflict is what causes misery in the world and the needless deaths of so many people. As realized by Izuku, Kota's grief had put him in a state of denial, and his animosity towards how his parents died while he was so young caused him to blame the world for how it is, unable to see the real reason why they died and move past it. Since being rescued by Izuku however, Kota was able to see why Heroes exist. He recognizes that Izuku risked his life for him, and took a severe injury in a fight for someone he didn't even know. After being saved from the villain that killed his parents, and realizing that a Hero puts someone else's life before their own, Kota was finally able to see why his parents died and moved past his hateful disposition. Kota has slowly begun to open himself up to others, though he is still rather indifferent and prideful since he became very embarrassed when it was revealed he chose red shoes just like Izuku's.

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