Kotono Kashiwaba

Kotono Kashiwaba
Original Name
柏葉 琴乃
Romaji Name
Kashiwaba Kotono
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Place of Origin
Date of Birth
October 22nd
167.00 cm
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Popularity # 15102
Like # 14865
Trash # 13448

Kotono Kashiwaba is a third-year student at Kishimai High School and a member of the Go-Home Club. Kotono has long straight brown hair with a blue flower pinned into the left side of her hair. She also has brown eyes. She wears a slightly modified school outfit; she wears black stockings and the design of her shirt is different. Instead of a normal white dress shirt, her shirt seems to have a different design and a flowery design along the collar. Her Catharsis Effect weapon is a bow with twisted ends; in the illustration it is blue-tinted, but its model in-game is the same red-tinted as the other Go-Home Club members' Catharsis Effects. Her left arm is blackened up to the forearm, and her outfit is modified to the same area. Her arrows are long white stakes with no tips, and the fletchings are black wedges. Her Catharsis Effect also modifies her entire lower body. She gains a white wing-like shroud, as well as two looped white belts with metal ends that have special black-colored slots for her arrows. Between the shroud and her skirt, the flowers of her Catharsis Effect also bloom. Her legs, which are entirely black, are marked with a flower sigil on the thigh. Her shoes transform into grey heels.

brown eyes medium breasts straight hair
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