Yukari Kotozume

Yukari Kotozume
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Kotozume Yukari
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June 11th
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Kotozume Yukari is one of the six main Cures in KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. She is a second-year student at Ichigo Field High School and is in the same class as Akira. She is rather selfish and above everyone else like a cat. Yukari's alter ego is Cure Macaron, the Pretty Cure of beauty and excitement, and she is based on macarons and cats. Her catchphrases are "How Interesting" and "Fufufu...". Yukari has sharp, purple eyes and long, wavy, purple hair. She likes to dress stylishly and usually wears a lilac trench coat with a lavender ribbon tied around her waist. She pairs it with a purple top and a short gray pencil skirt. Sometimes she wears a light purple and indigo dress or a light purple top with a purple skirt. She completes her look with thin purple boots, magenta earrings, and occasionally, a lilac hat. In summer, she prefers a long light purple dress with a lilac sash and light purple heels. In winter, she wears a light purple cowl-neck sweater dress, indigo tights, and purple stiletto-heeled boots. Sometimes, she opts for a short lighter purple jacket and purple gloves. In the movie, she wears a loose purple and pink top with a gray knee-length skirt and white boots. At the party, she wears her hair up and dresses in a light purple gown with white opera-length gloves and purple heels. In the future, Yukari cuts her long hair into a bob. She wears a purple top beneath a white coat, a dark purple belt and heels, and black leggings. As a child, she tied her hair into low twin tails. She wore an indigo dress with a lilac top and white socks. As Cure Macaron, her hair grows longer and she wears a macaron hat with dark purple cat ears and a tail. She also sports raspberry earrings and a purple neck ribbon. Her purple dress has a white chest and puffed sleeves, and her mini-skirt resembles a macaron with raspberry and lavender middle. Her waist bow is purple. She also wears purple knee boots with paw-like toes, an anklet with raspberry spheres, and white opera gloves. As Super Cure Macaron, her outfit and accessories become lighter in color, with the outfit mostly white and accented with lavender. Her skirt is slightly altered in shape and the bottom turns pale pink. Hanging from the back is a cape-like piece of fabric. She gains a pair of wings. In her A La Mode Style, her hair grows longer and gains more volume. She gains a fluffy lilac hood, and a raspberry ribbon hangs from her macaron hat. Her neck ribbon gains a raspberry charm. Her dress changes to resemble a ballgown, with the top now being purple and raspberry with white fluff covering the top. Her white skirt has large purple spheres around the bottom with a layered purple split peplum over raspberry fabric on top. Her gloves end at the wrist with a raspberry bow around the wrist. Yukari is a clever and refined lady with a fickle personality, who is prone to teasing others to get different reactions out of them, mostly out of being egotistical. She is quite perceptive, being immediately able to tell that something was off with Rio. Spending time with Ichika and the others and being a Cure makes every day an unpredictable experience, and this liveliness is something Yukari seeks. She also takes an interest in macarons after her own first batches fail, and she likes the idea of having something she can work on improving. As a child, Yukari kept on trying out new things in order to find anything she would feel passionate about, but she was not able to. Being seen as "perfect" becomes depressingly dreary to her, and nobody wanting to look beyond that "perfection" makes her feel lonely. Since enjoyment cannot be given to her, she realizes that she needs to create enjoyable situations herself. She embraces this and herself in episode 29, and admits she won't be able to erase her inner darkness and sadness, but being with her friends and surrounding herself with a "colourful world" makes her able to deal with it.

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