Koshi Nagumo Husbando

Koshi Nagumo
Original Name
南雲 孝士
Romaji Name
Nagumo Kōshi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 10th
150.00 cm
45.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 19921
Like # 20966
Trash # 14110

Koshi Nagumo is the main protagonist of Megami-ryo no Ryobo-kun. He is a junior high school student who gets a job at the dormitory after his house burned out and he is abandoned by his family. Koshi is a cute young boy with short dark-brown hair and light-brown eyes. Koshi is a quite responsible and mature boy for his age who tends to hide his true feelings after being abandoned by his father. Koshi is easily flustered by the girls behavior and raw sex appeal, but has great willpower to resist seduction. Nonetheless, He takes his responsibilities as their dorm mother seriously as, even though the girls were older than him, he didn't hesitate to scold them for their bad behavior. He even tries to warn them to be more aware of how they act and dress as he is still a boy and has desires. As he bonds with the girls more, he becomes more aware of them as woman, but he is hesitant to act on these feelings. Koshi has pride as a male, as he was embarrassed from being forced to cross dress and hoped it would never be revealed, only to be horrified when it was. He was also angry with himself for not being able to swim and save Sutea Kouroya from drowning and had to ask for help instead. Koshi also dislikes acting his age, feeling very embarrassed when he does, as he feels he needs to act mature as a dorm mother and not a child. Being abandoned by his Father after losing his house clearly scarred Koshi emotionally. During his "duel" with Frey, he broke down mentally and collapsed in anguish after remembering it. He also revealed he refuses to try and see the girls of the goddess dorm as members of the opposite sex for fear of losing his job, home, and surrogate family. In the anime he had a nightmare during his fever about his home burning down. During this nightmare, he was notably paralyzed with fear and breathing heavily. Perhaps, Koshi’s greatest quality is his empathy. He refused to become the dorm mother at first because Atena would have left and he knew how painful being homeless is. He also counsels the others about their insecurity’s and gives them confidence. He will also get angry for their sake against others who undermine their hard work or make them feel bad such as boys who hit on them.

bangs brown eyes brown hair fair skin japanese junior high student main protagonist mature primary protagonist short short hair student
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