Kuin Hachisuka

Kuin Hachisuka
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Kuin Hachisuka (蜂須賀 九印 Hachisuka Kuin?) is a student and part-time villain serving the Villain Factory in the spin-off Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals. With her Queen Bee Quirk, she possessed Tamao Oguro, the daughter of Knuckleduster. Kuin is a young girl with short brown hair, styled so that it’s swept over her left eye, with two short ahoges sticking up at the end of her parting. She has green eyes with notably long eyelashes, and visibly sharp teeth. She wears her school uniform, which consists of a white dress shirt with a bow at the neck, a short pale skirt and a dark jacket with white sleeves which she adds over the top. She also wears dark nail polish, and normally wears an eyepatch over her left eye because of the damage Chizome Akaguro’s attack did to her. Kuin's true identity is the Queen Bee itself, and in this form she appears as a regular bee with an extremely bloated behind. Kuin's personality is a fusion of Tamao Oguro's, and the the swarm of parasitic bees that have infiltrated her brain. Kuin is a cheerful girl who is described as strange by her own friends. This cheerful attitude is, however, nothing more than a farce. In reality, she is a ruthless villain who does not seem to care about the destruction caused by the victims of her bees. She is also extremely manipulative and enjoys toying with the emotions of her potential victims. She seems to be very fond of her bees which she calls her "babies." By utilizing Trigger she sacrifices some control over her host body in order to achieve more strength, giving Tamao Oguro back some control.

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