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Kujaku (孔雀, Kujaku) was a kunoichi from the Takumi Village and the only female member of the Four Celestial Symbols Men. Kujaku was a fairly slender kunoichi who had fair skin, blue-green cyan hair that had two light yellow striped bangs in the front of her hair, and thin blue-green cyan eyebrows. Light brown pupil-less eye irises, had light red lipstick on her lips, worn a light grey jacket that had a long white furry tuft around her neck, under this was a dark red sleeveless dress that exposes most of her top cleavage, had two dark brown belts wrapped around it one at the top of her waist and the other at the bottom, under that was a light brown sleeveless shirt that had covered her dark red sleeveless dress, a long light grey sleeveless leather glove on her right arm, a long light brown stocking that covered her left arm, which had a single pitch black leather glove covering her right hand, a white hidden artisans forehead protector that was wrapped up all around her forehead, wore light grey calf length high heel stocking sandals and had carried the two Weaknessless Soaring Shortswords in the left side of her jacket.

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