Professor Kukui Husbando

Professor Kukui
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Dr. Kukui
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Professor Kukui is the Alola region's dependable Pokémon professor. He lives near your home and looks out for you. He's passionate about his research into Pokémon moves and has sometimes taken direct hits from Pokémon when there was something to be learned from it. Sporting a white lab coat slung casually over his bare torso, he shows off his own unique style Professor Kukui is a passionate man who lives in the player's new hometown, Hau'oli City's Outskirts on Route 1. His area of expertise is Pokémon moves, and is known to take direct hits from them if he thinks he can learn something about them. In his youth, Kukui participated in the island challenge with his childhood friend, Molayne. Afterwards, he traveled to Kanto, where he challenged the Indigo League, defeating the Gym Leaders and making his way to Champion Lance. It is unclear what the end result of his battle against Lance was. He is married to Professor Burnet. Professor Kukui was also friends with the player's mother from back in Kanto. Throughout the player, Hau and Lillie's journey, he travels with them through their island challenge, acting as a chaperone. Professor Kukui also frequents the Battle Royal Dome under the masked alias "The Masked Royal". Prior to the events of the game, a young girl, by the name of Lillie ends up on a beach with a weakened Cosmog by the name of Nebby, in search for of Kukui's wife, Professor Burnet. Burnet finds the poor girl and contatcs her husband, who then decide to take her in. Professor Kukui decides to allow Lillie to live in his loft at his Pokémon Research Lab on Alola's Melemele Island, but in exchange for this, Lillie becomes Kukui's aide. In the meantime, they learn more about Lillie, and research Cosmog. According to Lillie's Diary in the post-game, she is turned-off by Professor Kukui's appearance of going around half naked and not wearing a shirt. Lillie also appears to have emotional attatchment to both of the professors, seeing them as father and mother-like figures.

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