Ai Kunogi

Ai Kunogi
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Kunogi Ai
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Ai Kunogi is one of the supporting characters in the SHIROBAKO anime series. She joined Musashino Animation as an in-between animator when producing Exodus!. She later promoted as a key animator just before Third Aerial Girls Squad start producing. After the Time Hippo incident, Kunogi quit Musani, became a freelance animator and shares a new apartment with Ema Yasuhara. Ai has short brown hair that has an ahoge and light brown eyes. She wears conservative clothes. Her typical outfit is a collared dress in two shades of brownish-green. She really looks like she is younger like 14 years of age, but she is actually 18. Ai's dominating character trait is her compassionate and gentle-hearted personality. Even when she is alone with Ema Yasuhara, to whom she becomes very attached to almost like a daughter, Ai can typically get out only a single syllable before seizing but she can do sign language very well and she is only somewhat verbal with the people around her and relies on Ema to work out what complete thought she is trying to communicate. Because Ema is in fact amazingly good at doing this, she tends to become Ai's "interpreter" with others, and she tends to be very compassionate about being an animator, Ema's actions show a desire to improve herself, both in her craft as an animator, and a person. In the movie, she lives in a new apartment with Ema and more willing to talk with meaningful sentences to Ema. She also cares for her new roommate more: Konogi insists Ema should eat breakfast, states that it's "More important than her work".

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