Kuon Ichinose

Kuon Ichinose
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Persona 5
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Kuon Ichinose is a character from Persona 5 Strikers. She is the creator of the popular EMMA concierge application. Ichinose speaks in archaic Japanese and has a loud and peppy disposition. She also seems to know a lot about EMMA and its secrets, and proves a reliable source throughout the investigation against it, since she is its creator. In reality, Kuon Ichinose is an extremely stoic, cold woman, to the point where she believes she does not actually have a heart. Even before she created "EMMA", people who personally encountered her believe that she is not human due to her near-complete lack of emotions or human responses. Her loud and peppy mannerisms in front of the party are not genuine, but are instead attempts to integrate or make her pass off as being less suspicious since she might appear as extremely unsettling with her natural stance otherwise, something that she herself is aware of.

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