Yakusha Kure

Yakusha Kure
Original Name
呉 夜叉
Romaji Name
Kure Yakusha
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
167.00 cm
55.00 kg
Blood Type
83.00 cm
61.00 cm
84.00 cm
Submitted By
Popularity # 9754
Like # 8807
Trash # 19399

Kure Yakusha is a recurring character from Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?. She is the homeroom teacher of Class-A at Koyo Girl's Academy and a semi-regular member of Silverman Gym. Yakusha is a beautiful woman with long black hair and a generally serene expression. She is slightly more muscular than most of the other women, but not to extent of vigorous bodybuilders like Utsunomiya. She usually keeps her eyes squinted, fully opening them reveals her clan's trademark darkened eyes. Yakusha is generally quite cordial and polite, but is sensitive to remarks and quips about her age, revealing her more menacing side when they occur. This side also reveals itself when anyone asks about her personal life, likely due to all the trouble that would occur if people knew she was trained as an assassin and that she works as one on the side. She doesn't take well to being humiliated, as she strangled Jason after he accidentally humiliated her when she sat on his lap. She likes teasing others, like calling Rumika and Satomi the badonkadonk duo after they ripped their skirts. She has strong bonds with her family, as she would rather spend time with them than her friends. She is bad at reassuring people. When she attempted to tell Hibiki she would protect her, she scared her instead. She is shown to be perfectly ok with Karura marrying Ohma, stating kids need to leave the nest sometime. The fact she married a man who is twelve years older than her is probably one reason she is okay with their getting together despite the age difference.

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