Kurena Kukumila

Kurena Kukumila
Original Name
Romaji Name
Kurena Kukumira
Place of Origin
Charité, Republic of San Magnolia
Date of Birth
May 6th 2133
160.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 3252
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Kurena Kukumila is a primary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series. Her Personal Name is Gunslinger. She is a platoon leader of Eighty-Sixth Strike Package's Spearhead Squadron. She serves as the squadron's long-range specialist. Kurena has the chestnut hair of an Agate and the golden-catlike eyes of a Topaz. Her hair is cut into a short bob. As a member of the Spearhead Squadron, she wore a desert camouflage combat uniform over an olive drab tank top. She is described as the most well-endowed of the squadron. After being rescued by the Federacy, she buys high-heeled boots, a hat, and a dress with a fur-trimmed cape. Once she returns to combat, she dons the steel-colored panzer jacket uniform of the Federacy. While most female processor prefer long trousers, Kurena chooses to wear a skirt for her Federacy uniform. She harbors an intense hatred for Alba because of the murder of her parents at the hands of Republican Alba soldiers. She was present alongside her sister when the soldiers shot her mother and father for entertainment. Shortly afterward, her sister was then conscripted as a Processor and never returned. Kurena's contempt causes her to speak harshly towards Lena, who Kurena thinks is pretentious and self-righteous. She tries to avoid Lena as much as possible. Being exposed to overwhelming violence at the very young age without means of defending herself, had badly traumatized Kurena. When she encountered the Reverend, his large and burly physique reminded her of traumatic experience, causing Kurena to run away like a frightened rabbit. During Spearhead's respite in the Federacy's capital, she demonstrated an interest in fashion and shopping. Despite that, her room remained spartan like the rest of the Spearhead survivors.

platoon leader soldier uniform brown eyes mecha pilot military teenager bangs bob cut fair skin medium breasts red hair short hair teen thin eyebrows yellow eyes neck-length hair
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