Kuro Husbando

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Kuro (クロ) is a Cat Sídhe and Rin Okumura's familiar. He was once the familiar of Shiro Fujimoto until his death at the hands of Satan. He is a black cat with two tails, which is considered to be sacred in ancient Japan. The lower half of his face is covered with chocolate-brown fur, which slopes upward between his eyes, while his chest fur is white. There is a ring of white fur on his upper right leg. He has large, greenish-yellow eyes with green irises, as well as small horns on his head. When Kuro goes into his nekomata form, he becomes enormous, easily towering over human adults. As a cat, he is very playful and energetic, as he is constantly seen around Rin, asking him to play with him. However, he does have a fierce side, as shown when he attacked the humans bulldozing his shrine. He loves Shiro's catnip wine. He generally sleeps on Rin's back. He does not like being lonely and is seen shedding tears when he comes to accept the fact of Shiro's death.

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