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Kuusetsu is one of the Hachiraishin, consisting of the so-called Gods who rule over the Shuuki. At first, Kuusetsu appeared as a large egg with two legs and wings. After absorbing Koko Zenibako and Naon Yuno, Kuusetsu took on the physical traits of a Humanoid Shuuki, their traits, in particular, including a number of small horns around her head resembling a crown. She wears a white kimono that has long sleeves and gloves wrapped around her two middle fingers. When in her powered up form, Kuusetsu's hair becomes longer and more unkempt. Her eyes turn black and her crown of horns recedes, being replaced by two large horns on her forehead. Aside from her appearance, Kuusetsu also took on the personality traits of Koko and Naon, being highly confident both in her strength and beauty. She is also prone to anger, to the point of even knocking down Rairen, who looked down on her, without hesitation. She is also rather cheerful whenever around Shikoku often referring to her as Shikoku-nee and would beam whenever she has an idea.

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