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Kyogai, also known as the Drum Demon was the primary antagonist in the Tsuzumi Mansion Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He was a demon formerly affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, having previously held the position of Lower Rank Six before Muzan Kibutsuji excommunicated him for not being strong enough. Kyogai was a very tall, muscular, humanoid demon, possessing grayish skin, black hair, razor sharp teeth, pointy ears, blood red sclera, deep blue pupils and hidden irises due to it being rolled up to the back of his head. His right eye had the Kanji of the number Six, which signified his position as Lower Rank Six of the Twelve Kizuki, but due to being deemed too weak, his rank was stripped and the eye containing his mark was slashed by Muzan, leaving behind a white X-shaped scar covering the number, signifying that he was no longer one of the Twelve Kizuki. Another one of his unique physical characteristics is that his stomach, shoulders, hips, front chest and back all had drums protruding from them of which he uses for his Blood Demon Art. Kyogai was a relatively quiet, calculating, and soft-spoken demon, differing himself from the more ubiquitous loud and aggressive kind. Rather than scream or roar when annoyed, Kyogai quietly murmured about whatever was irritating him. He believed it was rude for people to barge into his home and would destroy them for getting in his way. If irritated enough, Kyogai raised his voice about the nuisance and insulted his opponents. Upon first becoming a demon, Kyogai believed Muzan's blood would make him infinitely stronger. However, when his strength became finite after growing unable to get stronger from eating humans, Kyogai was cast out by his master. Desperate to please Muzan and prove the worth of his Blood Demon Art, Kyogai became obsessed with consuming "marechi", humans with rare blood. Above all else, Kyogai truly desired to be recognized for his talent. He wanted people to love his writing and was devastated when he was told to give up on it as a human. To redeem himself from this humiliation, Kyogai tried to prove himself as a powerful demon in the Twelve Kizuki. This obsessive need to prove the worth of his drum playing was why he tried so desperately to reclaim his spot. Upon his death, when Tanjiro Kamado recognized his talent, it allowed Kyogai's soul to rest in peace, happy that someone had finally acknowledged his skills.

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