Kyouka Uzen

Kyouka Uzen
Original Name
羽前 京香
Romaji Name
Uzen Kyōka
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
September 4th
167.00 cm
Blood Type
85.00 cm
Submitted By
Popularity # 4800
Like # 4209
Trash # 13609

Introduction Kyouka Uzen is the primary female protagonist of Mato Seihei no Slave. She is the Anti-Demon Corps' 7th Unit Chief, which consists of an elite group of women who have attained powers from the peaches. Different from her swordmaster prowess, her powers can be regarded as useless because shuuki she turned into Slaves were lowlives or got killed so easily before she tried her luck on Yuuki Wakura. Appearance She is a beautiful well-endowed young woman who has silver hair which extends up to her thighs, her hair has bangs on the side of her forehead, in the center while two chunks reach her shoulders and pink eyes where her eyes appear slit. Personality As the 7th Unit Chief, she is often dressed in her Anti-Demon Corps uniform, consisting of a navy blue militia tunic, cap that has red highlights, white gloves, a short skirt, thigh-high boots. Additionally, Kyouka has unique accessories on her ears that resemble flat, blue, curved horns that stick up from her hair. Befitting the 7th Unit Chief, Kyouka can be a fierce militaristic, calm, and serious woman who fights against the Shuuki more seriously than other members of the Anti-Demon Corps. She cares deeply for others such as her subordinates, allies, Yuuki, and civilians to the point of doing anything possible to protect them to the point of diving into a situation without hesitation. She also has a strong ambition to become the next Commander of the Anti-Demon Corps and competing with the other Chiefs who're looking for the same position. Despite calling Yuuki her "Slave", she is quite gentle and kind with him, the same as the others not minding he's a male showing a level of charisma at all times, which makes him and the others look up to her as a capable leader. She has a love for sweets as she often carries around candies on her person and often gives them to others. In battle, she can be calm and discipline killing several Shuuki in front of her wearing a calm demeanor while she delegates different positions to her subordinates including Yuuki based on the situation at hand. Even outside the battlefield, Kyouka often focuses on training herself to be a better combatant and captain, as well as even assists her subordinates' training to better themselves. She can be somewhat too serious about her goal of eliminating all the Shuuki to the point of disregarding her social life, which causes Yuuki to ensure she spends her time relaxing on her breaks. There are also times when Kyouka gets emotional, which is most noted during the times where she gives Yuuki's rewards entails various perverse situations ranging from kissing him or letting him remove her clothing. Whenever he thanked her for this, she gets flustered and comments that it is apart of her powers and not her actual free will, even to the point of also losing her temper. As time passed, however, Kyouka has gotten used to the rewards and never minds doing them because the person in question was Yuuki. It has been hinted that she has even started to develop some feelings for Yuuki, being shocked that Tenka wanted him and blushing around him. Because of the incident that destroyed her hometown and killed all the residents, Kyouka has a strong hatred for the Shuuki, more so the One-Horned Shuuki who caused it, which stirred her to eliminate all of them. Her hatred of the One-Horned Shuuki was enough for her to lose complete control over her emotions to the point of almost disregarding Shushu who was almost killed by a group of them, but later calmed herself and punched herself in the face for almost doing so.

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