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Kyudai Garaki
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Kyudai Garaki also known by the pseudonym of Daruma Ujiko, is a villain affiliated with the League of Villains. He is a faithful servant of All For One and later Tomura Shigaraki as well. Kyudai is an eccentric and deranged scientist, who dutifully follows All For One's will. Like Gigantomachia, he didn't believe Tomura Shigaraki was yet worthy of succeeding All For One, but due to a compromise he made with his former master, he is willing to give Tomura the chance to prove him wrong. Once Tomura exceeded his expectations by defeating the Meta Liberation Army and getting Gigantomachia to submit, he accepted him as All for One's successor. Life Force: Kyudai's Quirk grants him an extended lifespan and a more youthful appearance than his true age, although he still appears fairly elderly. As a side effect, it causes his physical mobility to worsen. He no longer possesses the original version of his own Quirk and has a duplicated version of it.[1] The difference between his original Quirk and the duplicate is unknown. According to Kyudai himself, he has lived for over 120 years

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