Laila Lorelei

Laila Lorelei
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Raira Rōrerai
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Laila Lorelei is the current empress of the Siren after her mother passed away. She entered into a cold sleep and has been sleeping for 800 years leading to the events of Light Novel Volume 4 of the light novel. However, after encountering Sora in Light Novel Volume 5, she has awoken from her cold sleep and has willingly joined Oceando, along with the Sirens and Dhampir, into an alliance with the Commonwealth of Elkia. Like other Siren, she is mainly humanoid with dress-like fins on her feet and pointed ears. She has wavy blue hair and a youthful face as well as a snow-white body that is decorated with strips of gold. The lower half of her body has attractive scales on it, which reflect the light in the room. She was bored with life and seeks 'pure love' as she was born with everything: wealth, beauty and 'love' from everyone. During her debut, she acted like a spoiled child - she does not seem to care about how long she had been sleeping (V5C4), while also deriving pleasure in rejecting people in the most brutal way when they are deeply in love with her. Turns out, her definition of "pure love" is "unobtainable love" in which no matter how much she loves the other person, the person will not reciprocate it. As such, it was the goal of her game to find this "unobtainable love" (in which Shiro found out before Sora despite deciphering people's intentions supposedly being his strength). After Sora defeated her, she has since fallen in love with him to the point of even calling him her "Prince" or, "Emperor". She also displayed incredibly masochistic tendencies towards Sora, always asking him to physically and verbally abuse her. She would lend out the Siren's Race Piece in exchange for Sora stepping on her.

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