Lara Tybur

Lara Tybur
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Lara Tybur was the younger sister of Willy Tybur. She was the previous inheritor of the War Hammer Titan. Lara was a lady of regal appearance, standing relatively tall with gray eyes. She had black, slightly wavy hair that was kept behind her head in a bun; and her facial features were small and gaunt. She wore a black and white dress with long, puffy sleeves and an embroidered white collar. As the War Hammer Titan, Lara possessed a white muscular body that was masculine in appearance and stood at a height comparable to that of the Attack Titan. The head and neck of her Titan were covered by what appeared to be a second layer of skin shaped like a cowl that over layed the Titan’s ears and much of its face; only its eyes, mouth, and jaw were exposed through a segmented mesh of skin. Very little can be seen of Lara's personality, but it can be inferred that she shared her brother's radical views regarding Paradis and Eldians as a whole. She participates in Willy's plan to use his own life and the lives of the people of Liberio to draw out and kill Eren Jaeger, and is able to keep a cool head and remain focused on her mission even after her brother's death.

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