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Lay Glanzudlii
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Lay is a young man with shoulder-length white hair and blue eyes. Lay wears a long-coat version of the Demon King Academy uniform, as his uniform consists of black and red tones like most uniforms for pureblood students. His attire consists of his uniform (which has a black belt surrounding it, as well as his badge on his left shoulder), black pants and shoes. Lay is a mellow, friendly and easy going person. Despite being a powerful pureblood demon prodigy known as the "The Demon Sword Saint", he is shown to lack the arrogance shown by other royals as he is very kind and friendly to everyone, including hybrid demons. He is shown to be disinterested in the royalist doctrine, but at the same time, he is shown to be unwilling to join the Unitary, despite sympathizing with their goals and being friendly with several members, as he is shown to consider such things troublesome and merely wants to enjoy living peacefully. Misa states that Ray might be the ideal person for the vision of the unificationists, as he looks at people as individuals and doesn't discriminate against anyone. Lay has a strong love for swordplay, as ever since he was a child, he was fascinated by swordsmanship. However, after his mother enrolled him in a sword dojo, he quit in 3 days after beating his master. Since then, he continued to continuously win every fight he had, with him growing progressively more bored with battles, as he couldn't go all out and fight a strong and worthy opponent. This changed when he met Anos, who defeated him, as he grew excited for the first time about fighting an opponent.

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