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Rin is a intermediate wizard and a member of the party consisting of Taylor, Dust, and Keith. She currently lives in Axel, the city of beginner adventurers. Rin is a minor supporting character in the main Konosuba series, as well as a major supporting character of the Kyakkou spinoff series. Rin is a young attractive girl with a very childish face who has vibrant green eyes and brown hair. She has free-flowing bangs and long straight hair which she ties into a ponytail. For some unexplained reason, Rin has a tanuki tail. She also has fairly small breasts for her age, a fact that Dust often teases her for. Rin usually wears a black choker, a bright green fleece with a striped pink t-shirt underneath, a dark green waist-length cloak with a fur collar, black shorts, and a black stocking belt. She also has a smiley face button attached to her fleece. Rin is humble and describes herself as a rookie wizard. Rin is shown to be more prone to fear than her other party members, such as during the encounter with the Rookie Killer; while they were tense but calm, she was on the verge of screaming, before she managed to cover her own mouth.

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